Innovative ball bearings

We’re presenting a newly designed ball bearing, that requires no lubrication of the rolling elements. This easy to implement solution that pushes the envelope makes significant changes in the use of ball bearings for operating mechanical devices. Many years of research in the field of tribology enabled us to introduce the innovative ball bearing to the market and eliminate the need for lubricants, which have been essential to the proper operation of ball bearings so far. As a result of our activity, the use of those environmentally harmful substances has been limited and the mechanical energy losses in bearings have been significantly reduced. The elimination of various lubrication systems puts an end to numerous maintenance activities, extends the life-time of the machines and increases their reliability.

Ball bearings in practice

Rolling bearings can be found in approx. 80% of mechanical devices, with ball bearings constituting the largest segment of the total bearings market. They account for approx. ¾ of all types of rolling bearings used. All rolling bearings, with the exception of polymer and ceramic bearings, cannot work properly without the appropriate lubrication due to slipping that occurs in the bearing. More than a half of rolling bearing damages are caused by the lack of appropriate lubrication. Choosing the right lubricant for the bearings that operate under various conditions constitutes a major problem for constructor engineers. The use of rolling bearings that require lubrication entails higher production costs, regular servicing, greater resistance to motion, impossibility of operating under demanding conditions and increased environmental pollution.


Innovative bearing design

The new design of the bearing incorporates an appropriately shaped groove on the bearing race, which is to compensate for the differences in the ball paths. Consequently, no sliding is needed between the rolling elements of the bearing. Combined with an appropriately shaped separator, our innovative rolling bearings can operate without any lubricant in the same applications as the lubricated bearings, ensuring, at the same time, a longer life-time.

Our bearings require no lubrication and thus, there is no need for closures that have been used so far to help prevent any external leakage of the lubricant. Such a bearing can be produced using commercially available machines, as well as a wide range of different materials, and the production costs are significantly lower.

Thanks to this innovative solution, ball bearings made of, for example, steel require no liquid and solid grease lubrication.

We’re offering you ball bearings that have standard dimensions in accordance with the ISO 15, ISO 104, ISO 355 standards, as well as special ball bearings with nonstandard dimensions. When it comes to the operating parameters, our bearings do not differ from those that have been commonly used so far and even surpass them in terms of durability. It is possible to modify the currently used bearings to the Kusznierewicz’ Bearings standard.

Praca łożyska

Benefits of using Kusznierewicz’ Bearings

no lubrication needed
lower production costs owing to the elimination of grinding and lubricating processes
no need for servicing in difficult accessibility and under harsh working conditions
lower resistance to motion compared to traditional bearings, thanks to no hydrodynamic motion
possibility of working in a vacuum
possibility of working in liquids
perfect for working both at low and high temperatures
low noise level during operation
reduced temperature of the bearing during operation
spontaneously improved hardness of the bearing during operation as a result of rolling without slipping
possibility of obtaining a constant moment of resistance to motion that is independent from the rotational speed of the bearing
over 100-fold greater durability and, consequently, reliability of the bearing compared to traditional bearings that operate in a vacuum
high tolerance to the geometric differences of the balls used
no dimensional limitations for the bearings
self-cleaning of the bearing race from any contamination
possibility of using cheaper materials for manufacturing the bearings
clean bearing operation - possible applications in pharmacy and electronics
care for the environment thanks to the lack of lubrication and no pollution generated through the abrasion of the bearing material during its operation
carbon footprint reduction during production, exploitation and utilization


Kusznierewicz’ Bearings are an ideal solution to be used in the following industries:
Machine industry
Transport industry
Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Mining industry
Space industry

Current applications of non-lubricated Kusznierewicz’ Bearings:

bearing systems for the wheels of turbine and rotary piston gas meters
electric engines
bearing systems for trolleys in intelligent storage
space industry - bearing systems of reaction wheels
food industry - machines for gutting fish
bearing systems for rotary table

Patent protection

The innovative ball bearings are protected by the international patent law.


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